Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fun Easter Activities for Kids

Dear friends, the fact that your are reading this means you are here to find activities for your kids to participate in on Easter. Just a quick note, if you seek plenty of info on Easter activities, but don't have time to read this blog visit

First off, there are many ways for kids to have fun on Easter, such as crafting, egg hunting, and baking.


Baking is an excellent way for kids to have fun on Easter, especially if the weather is bad. For example, you can go to your local grocery store and buy the baking batter for brownies, but only buy the ones that have instructions on the back of the box so the kids can follow along with you, this will allow the kids to learn how to cook while at the same time have fun.

Easter Egg Hunts

Easter egg hunts are one of the most common ways kids can have fun on Easter. All you have to do is buy a whole bunch of eggs, boil them in a bot of water until they are all hard boiled and then store them in your fridge to cool down. After that, you then hide them in spots that are safe for kids but at the same time great hiding spots. Great places to have these activities include parks, your backyard, anything with bushes, trees,etc.


Another fun activity to do on Easter is to decorate and craft things related to Easter such as the eggs themselves. You can do this by simply boiling the eggs and then asking your kids to participate in decorating these eggs with paint and designs.

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